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What can I say…

What can I say about Rob? He is a thoroughly competent teacher who really helped me when I was stuck with aspects of my technique. I’d hit a wall and Rob helped me to jump over that wall! 6 months later I had a major breakthrough in my playing and then landed the gig with […]

Patient… good sense of humour…

Rob has only been my guitar teacher a few months but I’ve learnt many cool things from him! I learn quite quickly even though I forget stuff, but I have had lots of help with things I didn’t understand. He has helped me learn so much and has a patient approach with a good sense […]

Local rock stardom….

In awe of his local rock stardom, Rob set me up for some amazing musical adventures, I learnt so much inspiring and thoroughly applicable approaches with solid foundations in each area I later realized! Top class teacher with bags of talent and patience! Matt Povey, July 2021

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